Rusty Clevenger Coroner

Re-Elect the experienced professional as your Coroner.

Rusty Clevenger is a lifelong Spartanburg resident, the son of Jerry and Gail Clevenger. He has a wife of 25 years and two adult children. Rusty attended district 6 schools and graduated from Dorman High School in 1982.

He attended Spartanburg Methodist College where he took Criminal Justice courses, certified Class 1 Law Enforcement Officer.

Rusty is a past President of the South Carolina Coroner's Association, Certified Law Enforcement Basic Instructor teaching specialized classes to traffic safety officers, dive teams and any area of basic forensics. He is a graduate of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and numerous specialized schools with an emphasis in death investigation to include Advanced Homicide Investigation, Accident Reconstruction Schools, Prosecution of Death Penalty case seminars, Medico-Legal Death Investigation schools, and others that include Bomb Blast re-construction and Forensic Internships with State Law Enforcement to name a few.

At age 21 Rusty started his law enforcement career as a Deputy for Sheriff Larry Smith, he advanced to investigations in 1988

where he worked a variety of crimes and worked the Homicide case load before taking a job as a Solicitor's Investigator in 1997. In the Solicitor's Office, Rusty was in charge of reviewing cases for prosecution, interviewing witnesses and finding more evidence to aid the prosecution in securing a true verdict for families that experienced loss at the hands of others. In 2005, Rusty became the coordinator for the County Forensic Unit working closely with all Law Enforcement in Spartanburg that included the Highway Patrol, Municipal Towns, Sheriff's Office, State Law Enforcement and Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Rusty was elected as your Coroner in 2008 and was sworn in on January 6th, 2009.